Find out about how the bank helps the community in Spain through the HSBC Education Programme.

We help fund community projects and thousands of employees across the world get involved by volunteering their time and sharing their skills.

Through our HSBC Education Programme we focus on helping young people achieve their potential by helping them gain access to education; develop life-skills and entrepreneurship, and improve their international and cultural understanding.

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Future First 2016-2017

Future First, HSBC's flagship global education programme, aims to tackle child poverty through education projects. As part of the HSBC Education Programme, Future First has provided funding to projects in more than 62 countries. These projects have helped educate 944,000 children since 2007.

These are the projects that HSBC is supporting in Spain under the Future First programme.

Fundación Real Madrid

This foundation set up by Real Madrid Football Club works to promote sport and sporting values around the world. It runs sports, educational, cultural and social welfare activities and aims to help marginalised young people take part in social and sporting events.

Fundación Balia

A not-for-profit organisation which aims to combat child poverty and help the 2.8 million children at risk of poverty in Spain. It works in disadvantaged communities and helps local associations throughout the country to improve quality of life.

Asociación Nuevo Futuro

Founded in 1968, this organisation provides foster care for children in an innovative way, aiming to create a family environment. Each of its 11 homes in Madrid has only eight or nine children and is set up to provide continuity of care and create an environment where young people can live and thrive. It also runs facilities for women and families at risk and for juvenile offenders.

Fundación Sindrome Down de Madrid

Created by a small group of parents, this 25-year-old foundation aims to give young people with learning disabilities a better education and future. It promotes and campaigns for early childhood care, life-long learning and access to employment for people with Down’s syndrome.

Fundación Tomillo

Fundación Tomillo is a non-profit, independent and non-denominational private organisation created in 1984 with the purpose of contributing to social improvement and personal growth. Its purpose is to establish all-encompassing continuous learning processes and promote equal opportunities, active citizenship and social cohesion.

Fundación Esperanza y Alegría

Fundación Esperanza y Alegría was created in 2001 and is characterized by its commitment with the most disadvantaged ones, without distinction of origin, creed, ethnicity, culture, race or gender. Esperanza y Alegría tries to help transforming poverty into self-sufficiency, encouraging projects that need coverage, as well as development tools.

Water Explorer

The HSBC Water Programme is a five-year, USD100 million partnership with Earthwatch, WaterAid and WWF. The programme also helps to fund local water projects nominated by HSBC employees and has provided USD4.3 million for the Water Explorer online education scheme which launched in 2015. More than 9,000 young people in countries around the world, including children from 130 schools in Spain, are developing projects with themes such as water saving, cleaner water and access to water. The scheme is run by Global Action Plan, an organisation based in the UK.

Junior Achievement - More than Money

Our global financial education programme targeted at 7-11 year olds helping them to learn about earning, spending, sharing and saving money, as well as about entrepreneurship and potential careers. More than 6,000 HSBC employees have volunteered since 2008 and more than 379,000 students have participated in 32 countries.